Authentic Learning and Leadership (MEd)

The Master of Education with a concentration in Authentic Learning and Leadership is designed to help teachers like you make education more relevant and meaningful to students. Here, you’ll acquire authentic learning strategies proven to inspire learning so you can motivate your students to master the skills they need to live successfully in a complex 21st-century world.

Whether you’re a teacher, a curriculum or policy developer, or a museum or park educator, the MEd. in Authentic Learning and Leadership gives you everything you need to become an educational leader who truly unlocks the minds and imaginations of your students.

Why choose an MEd from Mary Baldwin?

The perennial challenge every teacher faces is how to make learning both meaningful and engaging. Gone are the days of rote memorization and tedious activities that offer little in the way of true comprehension. To gain a deeper understanding of content, no teaching method compares to hands-on, inquiry-based learning that connects your lessons to real life.

Teach others to lead

The MEd in Authentic Learning and Leadership shows you how to incorporate real-world content into any curriculum through project-based, place-based, problem-based, or inquiry-based learning.

Our program allows educator choice, letting you focus on the skills you most need to accomplish your own learning goals. We also focus on leadership, so you can make a true impact in and out of the classroom by coaching others to find their inner leader.

All core courses and degree electives are offered online, allowing you to work on your own time and in your own way without sacrificing your other responsibilities. We believe education should fit into your life rather than your life having to fit into education.

The curriculum consists of core courses, degree electives, and other electives (most online) that may be chosen from an extensive list of other courses offered by the College of Education. Best of all, you can expect to complete the program in just two years or less.

Happy graduates

Cost and Financial Aid

MBU’s Office of Financial Aid lists MEd program tuition rates for 2022-23 and is happy to answer any questions.

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