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You choose the time and place. We bring the opportunity.

Flexible. Affordable. Quality. #MBUfamily.

Get the education and credentials you need to build success for yourself, your family, and your future with MBU Online. We are a private, diverse university with 179 years of experience in putting students first.

With MBU Online, you choose the place and times that work for you — whether that’s at your desk, on your couch, or by the pool. Our program’s flexibility works for early birds, night owls, and everyone in between.

As part of the #MBUfamily, you are never just a number, an email address, or a nameless face in a video chat box. YOUR success is our priority.


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"Online students bring their whole lives to school. We see moms and dads working on their degree every day to be an example to their kids. They bring life experience and leadership in their jobs to the classroom. And we value that."

Carey Usher, associate provost for academic affairs and student success

Here's How

A network of opportunities, personal attention, professional development. You’ll experience this support right out of the gate and far beyond graduation as a member of the #MBUfamily.

Student Experience

  • MBU Online is designed for you to maintain your momentum in your job, daily and life. We know your time is precious. We know you need the flexibility to make all of the pieces of your life fit.
  • You don’t have to wait until the next year or even the next semester. Most classes start every 7 weeks.


  • MBU faculty bring crucial industry experience to their positions and into their classes, giving you new perspectives and access to their networks.
  • Online course programs are high quality.
  • You receive personalized direction, support and advisement. MBU is devoted to collaboratively maximizing your potential.

Network and Connections

  • Build meaningful relationships with faculty
  • Get experience and build your relationships internships
  • Access to The Vantage Point, our unique career services office offering career coaching and connections to employers

In Their Own Words

“I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to go back to school for my bachelor’s and I could not have done this without MBU Online. The faculty is nothing short of amazing and I’m so thankful for my experience at MBU!”
Elise Marston, BS, social work and working mom of two

“I appreciate the acknowledgment of the needs of non-traditional adult students who combine their academic, professional and family responsibilities to achieve higher education goals. Without MBU Online, I would not have had the opportunity to achieve my dream.”
Gloria Maxine Maupin, MBU Online graduate