Criminal Justice (BA)

A Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Mary Baldwin University will prepare you for your future career by instilling a firm foundation of critical thinking skills, research experience, and practical knowledge in criminal justice and various fields. New emphases within the major are designed for those who want to specialize within their respective fields, including counterterrorism, cyber security, CJ administration, forensic behavioral science, and criminology.

A career-oriented Criminal Justice degree

Graduates with our criminal justice degree have found jobs in law enforcement and corrections agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, social services, mental health services, education, the military, and beyond. Many of our students have also pursued graduate degrees in law, business, applied sociology, and criminal justice.

What you learn as a criminal justice student:

  • About crime: the social creation of crime and the social responses to crime in diverse societies and cultures.
  • Analysis and methodology of crime, its causes, and effects.
  • About the criminal justice system and judicial processes: the functions of police, courts, lawyers, jails, bail, and prisons; constitutional law.
  • About the challenges communities face including terrorism, drugs, and social inequality.
  • About how-to: police procedure, crime scene investigation, forensics, corrections, mediation, and judicial procedures.
  • About yourself: personal awareness, confidence, empathy, and your ability to make a difference in the lives of others.
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Cost and Financial Aid

A great education is worth it. Here’s how Mary Baldwin helps you pay for it: Generous financial aid packages, a broad range of scholarships, transferring maximum credit hours from previous coursework or relevant work and life experiences — the list goes on. Our mission is to help you level up and bring your aspirations to life.

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