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You spent a year or two at community college. … We value that experience — and we value you! You worked long, hard days, coming home after the kids were tucked in. You launched your own business. You sacrificed time with loved ones as a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. We value that experience. And we value you. Bring your knowledge to MBU with our generous transfer credit policy.

Get credit for what you already know — up to 84 transfer hours accepted

MBU can turn your professional experiences and past college coursework into a headstart on your degree. Our advisors will work closely with you to streamline your education to make sure you aren’t paying for courses you don’t need or wasting time on material you’ve already learned. We’ll transfer up to 84 hours earned through four types of experience.

Transfer Credit from Accredited
Colleges and Universities

If you’ve earned an Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science in Nursing, or another approved transferable associate degree from any regionally accredited college, then you’ve met MBU’s general education requirements — a full 36 credit hours.

Students transferring from a Virginia Community College System (VCCS) college with a transfer-oriented degree and a GPA of 2.5 or higher may qualify for guaranteed admission. Connect with an MBU advisor to see what courses will transfer.

Credit by Examination

Another way to earn credit is by taking College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests. If you score at or above the appropriate level on a CLEP test, you receive three to six semester credit hours to apply toward your degree.

Nationally Standardized Assessment

Formal learning experiences sponsored by such non-collegiate agencies as the military and the American Institute of Banking can be assessed and awarded credit according to the recommendations of the American Council on Education.

Transfer Credit from Accredited
Colleges and Universities

Your MBU advisor is eager to help you determine how professional experience, continuing education courses, and knowledge gained elsewhere can also translate into credit.

The prior learning portfolio, reviewed by MBU faculty, can incorporate:

  • On-the-job experience.
  • Volunteer service, reading, travel, and other pursuits.
  • Service in the military or medical fields.
  • Specialized training.
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