Find the perfect fit after graduation

Earning a degree from Mary Baldwin University opens up a host of career possibilities, and the McCree Center for Life Success will help guide you to them. The Center is a lab of inclusivity, innovation, self-reflection, and awareness, empowering students to design lives of meaning and purpose. Its team of specially trained advisors will help you plot a custom personal and academic journey based on professional interests and career goals from day one — and be there to assist you every step of the way through graduation and beyond. 

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Resumé help, interview prep

MBU’s McCree Center for Life Success offers guidance, tools, and experiences designed to help you discover your perfect career fit during school and after graduation. Talk to an MBU success coach to learn more.

Develop Your Network

MBU will connect you to the opportunities, people, and real-world experiences that will set you up for the next steps in your career.

  • Networking opportunities and assistance
  • Internships and real-world work opportunities
  • Programs and workshops through the McCree Center for Life Success

Hone Your Skills

A college degree makes you more marketable, and Mary Baldwin helps you put your new knowledge to work.

  • Subscribe to our career newsletter for students and alumni
  • Learn to identify the best career fits for your degree
  • Become an expert in searching for jobs online

Broaden Your Outlook

Level-up your career and goals by exploring every option on the table. MBU will help you see the big picture.

  • Personalized advice for your next steps — job placement, market research, or continuing your education
  • Preparation for graduate school or further professional training
  • Connection with Mary Baldwin University’s robust alumni network of professionals
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